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General Bradenton Motorsports Park Rules

All racers must abide by NHRA and Bradenton Motorsports Park (BMP) safety rules. It is not our responsibility to teach everyone the rules, but it is our duty to make sure every racer follows them.

Only the DRIVER named on the Tech Card may race a vehicle down the Drag Strip. If you are caught racing on the dragstrip without a Tech Card and a Driver Armand you and the register racer of the vehicle will be asked to leave, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Tech cards must be filled out by the driver only, using a blue or black ballpoint pen, (no pencils, markers. or crayons). Use your legal name (no nicknames. No Exceptions! Tech Cards must be signed by in the presence of a BMP Track official, so he/she may witness your signature. You will need to show your valid state driver’s license to verify your signature.

All waivers must be filled out properly and completely with blue or black ink.

Any participant who, in the sole and absolute judgement of the NHRA, 1) verbally or physically threatens another participant, track official or other person, 2) uses vulgar or derogatory language, 3) engages in unsportsmanlike conduct detrimental to the sport of racing, or 4) otherwise create a condition or circumstance that is unsafe, unfair or out of order will have violated the rules and regulations of the NHRA & BMP and will be asked to leave the facility for an unspecified amount of time.

  • Valid state issued driver’s license. If less than 18 years of age, child must have minor waiver signed by both parents or legal guardians.
  • Seat belts
  • No cracks in windshield
  • Good tires
  • 13.99 or quicker must have Snell 2010 and above helmet, all participants are requested to have a helmet
  • Convertibles & T‐top drivers must wear a Snell 2010 and above helmet
  • One functional taillight mandatory. Flashing, blinking or strobe lights prohibited.
  • All holes in floor, firewall, and rear must be plugged
  • Drive shaft loop required 13.99 or quicker
  • Drag slicks and Radial tires must have metal valve stems. Rubber valve stems okay for street tires only.
  • Roll bar mandatory in all cars (including T‐tops) running 11.00 (*7.00 1/8) to 11.49 (*7.35) in convertibles running 11.00 (*7.00) to 13.49 (*8.25) and in all dune buggy type vehicles running 12.00 (*7.50) seconds and slower. Permitted in all cars.
  • Roll cage mandatory in all cars running 10.99 (*6.99 1/8) or quicker or any car exceeding 135 mph. In full bodied cars with unaltered firewall, floor, and body (from firewall rearward, wheel tubs permitted), running between 10.00 (*6.40) and 10.99 (*6.99), roll bar permitted in place of roll cage. In convertibles running 10.99 or quicker or exceeding 135 mph, roll cage mandatory.
  • Fire jacket mandatory 11.99 and quicker, fire jacket, pants and gloves mandatory 9.99 and quicker or exceeding 135 mph. (All open body vehicles 11.99 (*7.49) & quicker jacket, gloves and arm restraints mandatory). Neck collar mandatory in all cars running 9.99 (*6.39) or quicker or exceeding 135 mph. (Dune buggy type vehicles 12.00 and slower, jacket, gloves & arm restraints mandatory).
  • Parachute mandatory on any car running 150 mph or faster.
  • Master cutoff mandatory on any car with a battery running 9.99 (*6.39) or quicker, any car exceeding 135 mph, or on any car where the battery is relocated into the trunk area.
  • Batteries must be securely mounted, may not be located in driver compartment.
  • Full‐length pants; short‐or long‐sleeved shirt; closed shoes; and socks. No shorts. No tank tops. No open‐toe shoes or open‐heel shoes or sandals. Synthetic clothing not recommended.
  • No passengers in any car (if passenger permitted on a single run, must be minimum of 16 years old with parental release for if under 18)
  • For all cars running 10.99 or faster ¼ mile, 7.10 or faster in the 1/8 mile, it will be mandatory to have either a diaper or an approved belly pan to race at BMP, in order to maintain track and racer safety.
  • All cars must have an overflow canister.
  • Valid NHRA competition license mandatory for cars running 9.99 (*6.39) or quicker. Valid state or government‐issued driver’s license beyond a learner’s permit level mandatory for cars running 10.00 (*6.40) or slower.
  • Chain guard
  • Ignition cut off switch – pull out type mandatory
  • High top shoes or boots (Leather)
  • Leather jacket and gloves
  • Front & Rear fender
  • Snell 2010 and above helmet
  • Valid competition license for 9.99 or quicker
  • All bikes must have snap back throttle
  • Fuel shut‐off mandatory
  • Full leather zipped at the waist mandatory 120mph or faster
  • Pressurized containers (i.e. air bottles) must be D.O.T. approved and properly mounted
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