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Street Car Shootout Presented by Induction Performance:

Winner: $5000
Runner Up: $1500
Car & Driver: $300

  • All NHRA Safety Rules Apply
  • 1/4 Mile Race
  • Heads Up, Pro Tree, Red Light Loses
  • Single elimination
  • We will qualify this class and split it into groups of 16 (if we have 32 cars we will run two groups, if we have 48 or more we will run 3 groups) Each class will have a breakout of .10 of the number 1 qualifier. The Second & Third class payout will be half of the first class payout (Winner $2,500, Runner Up $750)
General Rules:
  • Every vehicle must have a license plate, proof of current registration and valid insurance.
  • Driver’s meeting will determine if there will be a cruise before eliminations. Weather, timing, etc and the vote in the driver’s meeting will determine whether the cruise is necessary. Be prepared to cruise. If we do cruise, the cruise will happen Sunday just before Eliminations (subject to change)
  • All vehicles must have a functional alternator
  • All vehicles must have a functioning radiator and water pump
  • We will allow approximately 20 minutes between rounds
  • Headlights and brake lights must exist and be operational (one of each may be removed during competition for any reason after passing tech).
  • Must be able to return from a pass on its own power under normal use. Breaking and being towed back will not DQ if the car is able to be safely repaired. This tow exemption can only be used once during the event.
Vehicle Rules:
  • Body: Any year vehicle is allowed. Lightweight components are limited to hood, front fenders, deck lid, hatches, doors, sunroofs/T-tops/targa tops, wings, ground effects, and bumpers only. Quarter panels must remain as originally manufactured. One-piece front ends are not permitted. No body parts may be removed during competition.
  • Chassis: All cars must retain complete stock chassis, firewall, and frame rails. Notching of chassis for clearance is permitted. Aftermarket “K” members are permitted.
  • Suspension: All cars must utilize stock style front suspension. Aftermarket front control arms, rear control arms, and sub-frame connectors are permitted.
  • Interior: Stock style dashboard and full interior from front seats forward is required (passenger seat may be removed). Aftermarket seats, gauges, and interior are permitted.
  • Exhaust: Muffler(s) are required unless vehicle is turbocharged. Exhaust may exit anywhere. Electronics: Two-steps, data loggers, aftermarket ECUs, and engine management systems are permitted.
  • Driveline: Aftermarket axles, ring and pinions, final drive, spools, and differentials are permitted.
  • Transmission: Manual or Auto transmissions are permitted. Any style automatic transmission is permitted. Transbrakes are permitted.
  • Fuel: Gasoline or Ethanol based fuels and race fuels are permitted, the use of Methanol based fuels (M1, M5 etc) are PROHIBITED you may not add extra fuel in between the cruise and round 1 of eliminations. After Round 1 Eliminations you may add fuel.
  • Tires: Drag Radial, or Bias Ply no larger than 28″x10.5W” or 275/60/15 if using 17 or 18 inch wheels tire can be any size.
  • Engine: No Restrictions
  • Power Adders: Rotary, 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder no restrictions, 8 cylinder and up limited to Single power adder (Twin Turbos ok with T4 Housings or smaller
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